Mission Accomplished: Open the Secrets of Your Heart
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Life Coaching with a Spiritual Orientation,
Tarot Readings,
Personal Growth Classes
and Spiritual Training

Laura Abernathy is a certified life coach. She received her certification in 2003 from IPEC (Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching) and is a member of the International Coach Federation. Having studied and practiced personal and spiritual growth for over 35 years, she offers life coaching, tarot readings and classes in spirituality and self-development. She created the Mission Accomplished Academy in 1997 to stimulate people towards a deeper understanding of themselves and where they want to be in their lives. As a spiritual coach, she supports you in creating your ideal life. She is motivated by her firm belief that every one of us must unfold our dreams of today in order to enrich life on Earth for future generations.

̀  Life Coaching with a Spiritual Orientation

One-on-one coaching with Laura on the phone. This is for those who desire a partnership with a spiritual coach based upon your own agenda. Click here for more info about coaching.

Ì  Tree of Life Sanctuary Spiritual School

A school of the Soul teaching people how to connect with the God Within. If you are looking for a path to become “Homo Luminous”, consider the Tree of Life Sanctuary’s two levels of membership:

Colleague Member – A program designed for everyone regardless of where one lives. Options include self paced classes via downloadable MP3 files and handouts covering multiple metaphysical subjects and much more. Click here for info. Core Member - An advanced, in-person program based in Bellingham, WA area designed for those who desire to become Qabalistic spiritual mentors. Click here for info.
̀  Tarot Readings

Available in person (Bellingham, WA area) or over the phone. Expression of appreciation for readings are $64 for one hour, $32 for 30 minutes and $20 for 15 minutes. Click here to learn more about my philosophy on tarot readings and to schedule an appointment.

̀  Quarterly Newsletter

for Laura’s quarterly newsletter.



Mailing Address: PO Box 1064, Bellingham, WA 98227-1064
Academy Location: Wise Awakening, 314 E. Holly, Bellingham, WA

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