Mission Accomplished: Open the Secrets of Your Heart
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What Clients Say About Laura


"Insightful, compassionate and purposeful.Always seeking the highest."
JW, Auburn, CA


"I often wonder how I would have fared if Laura hadnít come into my life when she did.She is organized, discerning, resourceful, calm, generous, altruistic and has incredible listening skills.I particularly appreciated her ability to teach the art of problem solving and reaching resolutions.She has been the most professional, consistent and reliable force in my life.Laura helped me through some very challenging times including divorce, loss of parents, financial loss and change of occupation.I stand taller and straighter now.I believe I deserve and that I am capable.Thank you, Laura, for all of your dedication, wisdom and your investment of love, diligence and time."
SM, Lincoln, CA


"Empowering, down to earth, compassionate, respectful, gentle, positive, aware, clear, and non judgmental.I most admired her trust in the Universe.Lauraís empathy, combined with trust in the clientís ability to navigate their own life, all in a safe environment, is what made my experience with her so valuable."
JT, Auburn, CA


"Laura is almost unobtrusive.She is very good at adapting to meet the needs of her client and has conversations rather than questions and answers.She is very insightful and a truly special person.She helped me see how my work/life imbalance was costing me energy.She showed me how that when I said YES to something, I was also saying NO to something else that might be more important to me.This helped me make better choices and I have a much improved qualify of life.Work fits where it should. I have less guilt about what I "should" do.I particularly liked her ability to "be there" for her clients at whatever place they are without pushing her own thoughts onto them.She encouraged me to stretch my boundaries, to learn more about myself."†††
JW, Brisbane, Australia


"Honest, heart connected, sensitive to otherís styles and needs, helpful, trustworthy.I trust so few with my inside dreams and goals.Laura is a very special coach."
CS, Pilot Hill, CA


"Intelligent, intuitive, compassionate.Her focus is always completely on me during our sessions.She helps keep me focused on my own agenda and goals and keeps me moving forward.Plus she always helps me celebrate even the smallest step forward.She is very good at hearing what I donít say.While Laura is very spiritual, she is also very well grounded in physical reality and has a good head for business.She has been invaluable in helping me discover whatís been keeping me from attaining my goals and helping me move past my fears."††

DP, Oakland, CA

"Very supportive, goal oriented, trustworthy, professional and respectful.She honored my process all the way.She was very loving and nurturing to me and I felt very safe with her.Laura helped me see my strengths and weaknesses and enabled me to see my life from afar.I saw that it was out of balance and she helped me see how I could change that."
PS, Sacramento, CA


"She came when I needed to learn (again) how to focus on my wants, dreams and desires.Our day together doing my mission statement was very important to me.I look at it frequently to help me remember who I am and what I believe in and what I hold as important.Many thanks to you, Laura!"
DD, Auburn, CA


"Laura is a very special person.In the day I spent with her doing my mission statement, she made me feel very comfortable and I loved the exercises!She really helped me set the seed for this work and then I finished it up at home."
DO, Roseville, CA


"All of her attention was on me and this was very nurturing.She keeps me engaged in every moment.In my quest for enlightenment, she has always been there as a guide and teacher."
LC, Auburn, CA


"Thank you, Laura for introducing me to another way of looking at the world, myself and God.Iíve learned!"
SS, Sacramento, CA


"Laura is encouraging, articulate, patient, well organized and very kind.I appreciated very much working with her."

AG, Auburn, CA


"She blends spiritual insight with Corporate America very well, listening deeply and making me feel safe to explore my true feelings and be who I am."

HS, Denville, NJ