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July 21, 2002

Audrey Amara

Journal Staff Writer


Yoda from “Star Wars” displays many characteristics that Mission Accomplished Learning Center owner Laura Abernathy strives to have.  “He proves that a person doesn’t have to be physically beautiful to be a beautiful soul,” she said.   Abernathy, who offers several self-exploration classes in The Gold Country Mall, has touched many Auburn area residents in a positive way.

 “Life changing” and “profound” are words Mary Ann Michaels, 60, a hypnotist in Auburn who attended a retreat at the Learning Center, used to describe Abernathy. Michaels was introduced to the spiritual leader, who welcomes people from all religions, when she first came to the area looking for a business location. She has since developed her hypnotist career in addition to the knowledge of why she exists.   “What I got is like a pole in my body,” Michaels said. “She gave me a knowingness – the meaning to my life. For that I am eternally grateful.”

Abernathy compares the office in which she works to a living room – but more professional. It is in this comfortable environment where she works her magic. The classes offered in the spiritual center not only benefit the people taking the course, but Abernathy, as well.  “The selfish part of helping people find their purpose is in the end I also benefit,” she said. “One of the core reasons for doing this is so I can continue to grow.”

Just as the ripples produced by throwing a pebble in a pond continue to expand, Abernathy describes knowledge in the same way. Her technique is to start small and from that, impact the bigger picture.   “I see everyone as a cell in a human body. Each has a purpose,” she said. “As long as a person is doing what’s right for them, to me, that’s all that matters.”

Of course, negative energy exists. But, Abernathy said the beliefs that restrict a person should help them to learn about the self.  People living in a secure environment, such as Northern California, don’t have the same worries as someone in Afghanistan.  “A person living in a mud house, with no television and no running water or bathroom, has a different starting point than those in America. They start out with a different rage,” Abernathy said. “Personal and spiritual growth is so prominent in our culture because we don’t have to worry about getting bombed on a daily basis.”

Locals trying to achieve their inner growth look to Abernathy for answers. But the answers do not come easily.   A former accountant in Auburn, Marilyn Flanagan, 58, said her linear way of thinking is why it takes a while for things to sink in. After taking classes at the center she made some startling realizations.    “I got lot’s of self-esteem I didn’t expect. It made me realize all the things I had accomplished,” Flanagan said.

Cynthia Ringhausen also used to be an accountant. She said getting rid of the bad things in her life through sessions with Abernathy changed her in multiple ways. She looks back on her two years at the learning center with a sense of achievement.   “I’ve done a lot of work, as a result I have raised my self-esteem and faced my fears. I now have a new career and my family relations have improved,” said Ringhausen, 55, who is now in the process of creating her own body therapy business.

If she didn’t follow her heart by starting the Mission Accomplished Learning Center, Abernathy said she would have been the polar opposite of the person she is today. The former San Diego Deputy sheriff quit her job in law enforcement 18 years ago to learn more about herself.  “If I hadn’t left I would have become overweight and depressed,” she said. “I realized as a deputy sheriff no matter how perfectly I did my job I could still get killed. I decided there was too much in my life that I wanted to do to risk it.”

Quarterly schedules of retreats and classes offered at the Mission Accomplished Learning Center are found in the Gold Country Mall in downtown Auburn. For more information on “opening the secrets of your heart” call Abernathy’s business line at 916-214-5442.