Mission Accomplished: Open the Secrets of Your Heart
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Laura Abernathy



Lady Freida Harris,

a British Tarot artist circa 1930 to 1950,

has called the Tarot

“God’s Picture Book”.


The Tarot is a deck of  78 symbolical images

that represent the structure of our Universe.


Reading the Tarot is

the art and science of interpreting the cards for the Inquirer. 

My readings are oriented towards the client being empowered with choice

in the unfolding of their life.


I offer tarot readings by appointment

in person at Wise Awakening in Bellingham, WA

or over the phone.


The financial expressions of appreciation for readings are:

$64 for 1 hr

$32 for half hour

$20 for 15 minutes

If you desire, I also include a digital recording of the reading.


Click here to schedule a reading with me! 



email me at:   Laura@MissionAccomplishedAcademy.com


About Laura as a Tarot Reader




I was born in San Diego, CA, under a Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising and Libra Moon.  In childhood I was particularly attracted to mysterious people and things.  In my teens I started to actively experiment with psychic phenomena and consciousness expansion.  By age 15, I verified that I was psychic. 



At age 18 I joined a spiritual school of magick and mysticism and continued with this system of study for 10 years.  During this period, I studied and practiced the Qabalah (Tree of Life), tarot (Thoth deck), meditation and various forms of yoga.  During this time I began doing tarot readings for the public. 


At 28 I left the spiritual school (although continued to refine my lessons) to find my ideal mate, start my own business and find ways to pass on to others what I’d received in my training. 


At 31 I married my ideal mate.  At 38 I started a part time business.  In 1997 I founded the Tree of Life Sanctuary, a not for profit School of the Soul, and in 2003 I became certified as a life coach. 


You can learn more about me, the Tree of Life Sanctuary,

my coaching services and read testimonials from my clients

via the links on my homepage.



I very much look forward to doing your reading

and getting to know you!



Click here to schedule a reading with me!